Kent Plant Group
Kent Plant Group, Wolvershill, Banwell,
Somerset BS29 6LE Great Britain
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We export agricultural tractors and machinery, industrial plant, 4x4's, light and heavy commercial vehicles. We also offer a full parts and maintainance back up programme, including a fully equiped maintanance and re-pair vehicle operating in Senegal and The Gambia, for on-site repairs and maintanance to all agricultural equipment and machinery. We can offer both new and used parts tofit all popular makes and models of tractors.

Belarus MTZ Gambia 2009

We have carried out vehicle conversion changing vehicles from Right to Left hand drive, these have include (artic)lorry heads, rigid lorries, Land Rovers, Ford Transits, Iveco Vans. We can offer containerized or RORO (drive on) shipping, we can source vehicles on your behalf,new or second hand parts, We can also dismantle your vehicles,and ship the parts in crates, containers or your own transport, you buy a lorry and we can load it with your parts for you, We can also supply part worn tyres for Tractors, Cars, Vans or Heavy Goods Vehicles. We can also offer training on how to use the equipment, we can fly personnel to your country to train your employees in the correct way to use the machinery or vehicles, which could save a lot of breakdown time or injury to people